Some SEO Love This Valentine’s Day

Some SEO Love This Valentine’s Day

seo valueLove is in the air. After all, it IS Valentine’s Day. Some of you might not be that happy about the holiday, and I’m not talking about just those that are single. :)

Here at SEORCHERS, all of us LOVE various elements of Inbound Marketing, but the one our clients love us for most is top rankings. So that is the inspiration for this blog post. Here are four reasons why you should love SEO:

Direct Response
Companies that appear at the top of search results are in front of potential customers right at the moment they are looking to buy.

Credibility and Trust
Studies show that companies who rank at the top for specific keywords are more trusted than those companies who pay for advertisements on page 1.

Brand Awareness
It might take multiple impressions for you to ultimately earn a customer’s business, but consistently being positioned at the top of search engines for various industry related keywords is a great way to build that brand awareness.

Increases Company Value
An often overlooked value of SEO, is what it brings to the value of your company. A recent client of ours was able to sell his online business primarily due to the number of quality rankings we had gained, which drove tons of targeted traffic to their website. What did this client do after he sold this business? Started a new business and instantly used SEORCHERS to build it for him!

If that wasn’t enough, check out a blog post I put together last year that outlines the Top 10 reasons to use SEO.

If you are convinced with what SEO can do for you, request an SEO Quote today!

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