Why We Still Love Old Fashioned Networking

Why We Still Love Old Fashioned Networking

Later today you will be able to find us at the NetworkingPhoenix.com Signature Event. This event is taking place at Casino Arizona, and is a relatively large local networking event that takes place every quarter. With over 2,000 attendees expected, many business deals are sure to take place.

This might not seem like a place you would find an Inbound Marketing Company. However, we are firm believers in networking and ALL forms of marketing provided they are done correctly. In fact, the top of a typical sales funnel looks like this when drawing out where leads come from:

If you have engaged with us as a prospect, seminar or webinar attendee, or met with us for any reason, you have probably seen the rest of this funnel drawn out to show you how it all works together. You will notice though, that all four of those quadrants are methods for generating leads. Some are more suitable than others, some are more affordable than others, yet they can all generate leads when done correctly. Networking is a strong source of leads, referrals, and third party relationships (vendors, referral partners, etc).

If you are outside the Phoenix area, look up networking events at your local chamber of commerce and start making those connections. If you are local to the Phoenix area, be sure and stop by our table at the NetworkingPhoenix.com signature event. More details can be found here.

Have networking figured out and want to start a lead generation campaign? Download our guide on how to expand your online reach!

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