Taking a Sales “Guide” Philosophy to Convert More Leads

Taking a Sales “Guide” Philosophy to Convert More Leads

At SEORCHERS, we don’t employ sales reps, nor do we use a hard line sales approach. Instead, our sales reps are often referred to as Web Strategists or Sales Guides. This is because our team works with prospective clients to develop a strategy before selling anything. It is through this strategy and ongoing communications that we use to guide prospects where we want them to go.

This type of sales approach works for any B2B business, not just ours. Guiding prospects through your sales funnel can be a difficult task if a strategy is not deployed. Knowing that 2 out of 3 people who initially show interest in your product or service are not ready to buy right away, we had to come up with a way to keep us in their minds for when they were ready to buy.

Because of this, we have seen prospects that initially showed interest in our services, but didn’t sign up until over a year had passed. We did a couple of things right for this to happen. #1, we left a positive first impression. We were not pushy, but showed knowledge and expertise through our handling of their situation. In addition, we were able to stay in their minds through timely and relevant content.

sales guide philosophyOur main strategy involves going from No Risk offers to Low Risk offers. A no risk offer includes White Papers, Tip Sheets, etc. Something where all they have to do is submit a name and email. It should not involve talking to a sales person since most aren’t ready for that. This is why it is no risk. Low risk offers include offering webinars, workshops, or consultations. It is a low risk for the lead because there is a chance of them talking to a sales person and being “sold” services or products.

If you have done your homework and nurtured the lead through providing valuable content, by the time the lead takes you up on a Low Risk offer, it should be very qualified. They have a firm understanding of your product or service and at the same time are taking the chance of talking to someone.

We have dubbed this approach our Sales Guide Philosophy and try to instill this within our client’s sales messaging as well.

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