Social Media Message Adaptation

Social Media Message Adaptation

social media message adaptationMessage adaptation simply means adjusting your message to fit the social network you’re communicating on. So while you can use multi-network updaters, it’s of the utmost importance to tailor messages for each individual site. The reason behind this is that each network has its own culture with its own unique set of rules and accepted practices. So, what may be acceptable on one network may be spam or unprofessional on another.

On Twitter for instance, it’s acceptable to use slang or abbreviate words to fit the 140 character limit. On Facebook however, it’s a general rule of thumb to speak in complete sentences and without abbreviations. Customizing your message will ensure they’re conveyed effectively to each audience. Additionally, it will keep your messaging consistent and perpetuating across each network.

Another point to consider is that if someone likes you on Facebook and follows you on Twitter, they don’t want to hear the same message twice. Differentiating the message between networks allows users to view your point from two different perspectives.

By working a strategy, monitoring conversations and results, and adapting your message to your audience – you will be well on your way to have a successful social media strategy. If you need help with implementation and/or management, give SEORCHERS social media marketing services a try!

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