See Which Companies Are Visiting Your Website with VisitorTrace

See Which Companies Are Visiting Your Website with VisitorTrace

SEORCHERS has just launched our website visitor tracking tool VisitorTrace. VisitorTrace allows you to see which companies are visiting your website, and you are sent an email alert WHILE they are still on your website.

Since you can see what pages they are viewing, it will also tell you which products and services they are interested in the most. This allows you or your sales team to follow up with this hot prospect and immediately dive into what their needs are.

The process goes simply like this:

  1. Someone from Company X browses to your website
  2. VisitorTrace tracking code sends information as it happens on your site
  3. VisitorTrace uses different data sources to determine what company they are from and what products/services they are interested in.
  4. An email alert is sent to you and your sales team while they are still on your site
  5. Email contains company information, keywords used to find you, and which pages they were browsing
  6. Your sales team then knows exactly how to craft a message to this prospect


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Learn more about VisitorTrace, and sign up for a FREE 14 day trial (No Credit Card required). Start receiving these leads today!


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