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How to Simplify Your Sales Messaging

When you are an expert in your industry, especially if your industry is advanced or technical in nature, it can be a challenge to communicate with your prospects in a way that makes it easy for them to understand what value you provide. It is often said, “A confused mind never buys”, so this becomes…

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How to Turn Your Sales Guy into a Sales Guide

Nobody likes a pushy salesman – especially when they try to sell you something you don’t really understand. So when you find yourself on the opposite end, when You are selling a complex product or service, it is best to educate your prospects through a nurturing sales cycle.  This consists of 4 stages: 1). Pre-Analysis…

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Can Pinterest Marketing Help YOUR Business?

The beautiful thing about marketing today, is that things are always changing. The opportunities and the tools you have to reach your customers are increasing by the day. It can be dangerous from a productivity standpoint however, if you attempt to chase every new social media site. It is critical to have a well developed…

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