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6 Ways to Manage PPC on a Limited Budget

We get asked all the time; “What amount of money should I invest on a Google AdWords (aka Pay Per Click or PPC) campaign?” My answer every time is the same, “As much as you can comfortably afford!” The reason I say this is because PPC truly is the only way to give your business…

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7 Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Quality of Life

Every month I have been “tasked” with supplying content for our beloved SEORCHERS company blog. The more the merrier my partner Justin tells me. He reminds me it should be relevant to our industry, timely, and helpful to those that engage our business. So in lieu of our addiction to smartphone apps, I set out…

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What You Can Do Today to Improve Website Conversion Rates

It is often said in life that 1st impressions are everything. Whether we judge a person based on their appearance or by what they drive (come on you know you do it) OR we judge a business based on their store or office location. Consider that 86% of consumers will visit your website before doing…

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